Friday, August 5, 2016

While I Still Remember

I wouldn’t want to meet myself from 2014 after this. But…
I was sitting here, thinking over some moments and realized that even with the Rustfiends strips realistic style won’t work. It’s inexpressive, adds unnecessary seriousness to the proceedings, and it’s even SOMEWHAT spoils some cliffhangers. But the main thing is it’s so time-consuming and boring that I might lose all the enthusiasm.
Maybe my discovery will help someone not to invent a square wheel: so, ask yourself, what’s the main goal of a novel, comic or even a strip? Sometimes it’s not the story at all. It’s just an amazing artist and the point is to admire style and skill. I’m gonna say a douchbaggy thing, but many people can’t multitask. They can’t see anything behind an exceptional drawing, or read the story incorrectly, and it’s normal. When content, both professional and not so much, is everywhere, it’s important to get rid of excessive movements. Because you just don’t have enough time. Often content quickly loses relevance. If your forte is skill, then you can spend as much time as you want on pages, like Riccardo Federici. First, I’m no Riccardo, second, I finally determined the goal. And realistic faces will make it harder to create the right impression. You know what I mean.
Well, I’d write something on how old-fashioned it is to be realistic (in every meaning of the word) in our post-modern times. Style also tells a story and creates mood, for example, could Blame! been drawn differently? It could’ve been, but the effect would be different. Or Maus. What would happen if they were drawn differently? It’d been a totally different comic and a different story. It’s common knowledge, but often me and other people who haven’t drawn comics professionally, step on a rake and start writing a story in a style they like, not in a style that works. I was lucky to realize the necessity of trying out, and I drew some small comics to understand how it works. I still can’t do panels and general composition.
I came to a conclusion that I need to simplify, because I don’t have much free time, enthusiasm, resources, and the goal won’t be reached if I try too hard. I determined the target audience, the mood, the main things in the novella (and now in the strips) – all of these sets the rules for me. I’m not really a fan of seriousness, deep talks to the audience, etc. I think pretentiousness in my line is work is extremely vulgar
Let me explain what’s happening in the pictures. Many people with their own universes – from OCs with horns and red skin to professional comic creators – know how would their character look if it was flesh and blood. I once created models of all my characters to visualize them and to be able to see their faces from different angles. Model heads are just simplifications and are nothing more than a reference. In the past, I replicated the faces when I was drawing them in editors, which was boring and left nothing for the imagination – and everyone likes to image, especially me.
Vera (the top row): I exaggerated some features a little, for example, lips, eye angle, cheekbones — these are the features that I wanted to emphasize. The bottom part of the face protrudes forward, small nose, etc. The face should create an impression of someone bold, cunning, but he’s also a sex robot, so he was created to be deliberately sexy. Valentine is completely different, he’s naïve and simple. In the sketch his cuteness is exaggerated almost to the point of absurdity. He has enormous naïve eyes and small mouth, and his face is naïve and child-like. Valentine as a whole is naïve and child-like. It’s hard to emphasize this when you draw them realistically by copying model features. So, this is what I wanted to tell myself from 2014.
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Monday, July 11, 2016

Big update on patreon!

I've already reached a certain sum on Patreon, so I started to post the promised doujinshi on my main subject. The doujinshi are still being created, so I'm open to patrons’ suggestions considering the things happening in the doujinshi. The main goal of my Patreon is to establish feedback. Now I draw what my patrons ask for.
If you pledge $1/month, you will get access to a private poll where you can choose the Character of the Month. Characters are proposed by patrons pledging $10 or more. They suggest characters from any franchise they want to see, I choose several of them and set up a poll. All my patrons can vote and get what they've chosen together once a month.
Moreover, people who pledge $10 or more get access to another poll where they choose the setting and what will happen to the character... from bukake to horse dildo. Whatever you desire.
So you create content together with me. I'm an instrument to visualize your fantasies.
But that's not all.
If you're a $10 patron, every month on the 6th (or the 7th, we might live in different time zones) you'll get unique content. A file with a picture accessible only to you; it can be something unexpected, concepts for the Rustfiends novella, nsfw, sfw, a drawing related to side projects. This reward will exist for a couple more years. Or (!), and please note this, instead of this file you can get an uncensored picture – I frequently have to censor my works. You'll be the only people having the uncensored versions.
All my patrons, and I want to emphasize this for $1 backers here, can leave me requests and get a specific sketch. These sketches will be public, but, once again, patrons influence the content I create and get exactly what they want to see. Of course, I might not be able to pay attention to every single person, but I'll try not to neglect anyone. This reward is experimental, so it might change with time.
All my patrons also get access to hi-res pictures, psd files with or without layers and get an automatic permission to print these files for private use. They have access to all brushes and instruments I make, to all packs containing older works.
Higher rewards for $100 and $150 are just a big discount for commissions + access to everything above. If you want to receive several commissions ahead of the queue once a month at low price, you should get this reward. Also you can use this reward once.

Please note, all merchandize I'll produce, from T-shirts to patches, all digital merchandize, from brushes to packs, all comics, all private strips, drawings, private streams will be accessible to my patrons by default with some conditions in individual cases. Like, for example, a permission to send you a package.

But the main thing is my Rustfiends comic. Some of you are already familiar with this universe and even love my characters. It's the first time I'm doing something where the main concept isn't porn. Now I'm adrift in the ocean of "commercial illustration". It's my first foray into comics, where characters have their own lives, and I can communicate my thoughts and ideas through them. It's very important to me. My enthusiasm frequently disappears due to everyday life, for example I don't have any time left to create the comic or even work on the characters, because I still haven't set up my passive earnings through Patreon. At this or any other moment I'm an artist, it's my only job. So I ask you to support me.
If I reach $700/month, I'll start making strips for this universe. This includes hentai strips with the beloved characters Valentine, Vera, Francesca and Olivia. And I'm ready to let it go and increase the number of characters participating in porn scenes.
You can read about the comic here (click).
In time I'll begin working on a plotted comic for this universe, with your help, of course.

Almost all of the content is free and accessible to anyone, so I need your support.

So, a summary:

1 buck - You leave requests and I draw sketches for them. You get access to the "Character of the Month" poll. You get access to hi-res pictures, psd files + access to non-monthly events.

10 bucks - You put together the "Character of the Month" poll, you get access to the poll where you choose the plot for the Character of the Month. Unique content or (!) an uncensored version of a censored picture + everything listed above.

Higher rewards are discounted commissions + everything else my patrons get.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Vera 2.0

Hi. I got around to bold Vera.
Lately I’m thinking of adding Slavic occult into this character. Tin Can Forest really influences me, but there’s nowhere to put my inspiration. This is the very first illustration with Vera. Almost nothing changed but the clothes.
Combination of a robot and the occult seems strange. But it would be awesome if Vera sent us to Slavic fairy-tales once in a while. I haven’t yet decided how. But I’ll most definitely put him in a vyshyvanka. Vera is my attitude to the world situation. Maybe a little too obvious sometimes. But I can’t do subtle yet.
Vera is a controversial character, and he was the last to appear. I disastrously lacked fan service and I decided  to delve into old pictures to search for someone suitable. And there I found this picture It’s an elf in a company of a female orc.Vera’s orc is Reggie. I’ve written about them before. I’ll just cite myself:
Vera is the only character who indicates that the events take place in the future. Vera is a robot. And not just a robot, but a robot-waifu. Perfect face with holes in all the right places, heavy duty. His cyberskin can be easily repaired, he looks as close to a human as possible. The only thing that gives him away are small horns.
Moreover, Vera is from a limited ‘ladyboy edition’ line-up… I’m sure you get it.
But Reggie didn’t buy this Vera issue for fun.
He upgraded Vera’s firmware and send him on a quest to return something lost. Which is a perfect task for Vera considering her durability (I think it’s awesome, no? The most durable robots are for fucking. It’s funny, come on, laugh!)

During her trip Vera realizes that this body is not her first, and she had lived many lives in other robo-bodies. She tries to learn who she is and who Reggie is.
There’s a Pininterest board for Vera, visit it So I had an idea. While I don’t do anything to increase passive earnings, comic is standing still and doesn’t even begin. And it doesn’t begin because I’m slow and sometimes I burn with enthusiasm and then it fades. So I’ve decided to draw strips for this universe. The strips won’t be related to the plot or will be written considering the plot. Like it happened there somewhere but didn’t fit into the main story. Everyone will be happy. And someday I’ll start a full-fledged comic, maybe I’ll need a co-author. And maybe not, I was born a lone wolf. Hentai strips are always welcome. Vera wishes me luck in this endeavor:
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